RFP Timeline

The RFP timeline is as follows. AHN reserves the right to change the dates below upon communication to Respondents in a timely manner.

  • Request for Proposal Issuance
    07th JUN 2017
  • Final Submission from Healthcare Systems
    21st JUL 2017
  • Selection of Health
    31st JUL 2017
  • Final Contract
    11th AUG 2017
concerning RFP

Any questions regarding this RFP should be sent to rfp@accesshealthnet.com or you may speak with a representative at 414.488.2922. A representative will respond promptly to all inquiries.

Submission Guidelines & Requirements

RFP response must

  • Be completed in accordance with this RFP

  • Be valid for a period of 120 days

  • Include a minimum 25 total bundles across categories

  • Be completed by a Joint Commission accredited facility

  • Be completed by a member of the State Hospital Association

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Bundles to be submitted

Bundles must include all costs associated with physicians, surgeons and other practitioners, facility charges, anesthesia, implants if needed, pathology as needed, imaging, supplies and drugs necessary during surgery and until discharge, and routine post-operative care until discharge, where applicable.

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Evaluation Process / Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by the AHN evaluation team to select the top qualified healthcare system. The recommendation to award the contract will be granted to the healthcare system that best meets the needs of participants in THE SUPER OPTION based on the evaluation factors below. AHN will select one healthcare system that will meet our needs within that defined market area.

  • Responseness to RFP requirements

  • Number of bundles submitted

  • Diversity of bundles submitted

  • Bundle

  • CMS quality rating

AHN will not negotiate price with the provider. This is a free market system where providers compete for business based on their comprehensive value proposition (e.g. quality, price, service, location). As such, providers should present their best value proposition in this RFP.

Contract Award

The awarded system in each defined market area will be provided the following:

  • Hospital exclusivity within a 7-mile radius around the participating facilities for those episodes of care under contract for a 12-month period. This exclusivity does not prevent AHN from signing other non-hospital providers to participate in its marketplace, nor does this exclusivity prevent AHN from contracting with other hospitals for bundles not contracted by the awarded healthcare system.
  • Inclusion in AHN’s marketplace, which is used by plan members to select providers to perform health services on a bundled cost basis.
  • Formal announcement to third party administrators and self-funded companies that partner with AHN locally and nationally.
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