Founded in 2014 by a team of dedicated healthcare and network professionals, AHN is a national cloud-based technology solution that connects providers offering value-oriented services in the form of flat-rate bundled services with self-funded entities that seek the most direct connection. AHN offers self-funded entities and their plan members a free-market solution, known as THE SUPER OPTION, that activates competition and consumerism and supplements its existing PPO by offering increased value and enhanced choices Read more


Employers face
rising costs
  • The vast majority of employers in America are struggling to control explosive healthcare costs.
  • Insurance rates have risen approximately 5% on average per year for the last 10 years.
  • Since 2011, both the share of workers with high deductible plans and the amount of those deductibles have increased sharply, resulting in a 63% increase in deductibles Read more
Providers struggle to
maintain profitability
  • The ACA has effectively moved patients into one of three payer classes:
    • Government insurance (Medicare and Medicaid)
    • Exchange-based insurance, and
    • Private insurance.
  • Medicare patients are essentially break-even Read more
  • Providers and self-insured employers want to work together directly, but the path to doing so is unclear and overwhelming.
  • Providers desire to provide services to patients from the self-insured community by offering fair and transparent pricing...
  • Self-funded entities desire the benefits of direct contracting with providers. However, contracting with a sufficient Read more


  • A Turnkey

    With its unique, comprehensive and proprietary technology platform, AHN provides a turnkey solution that allows healthcare providers to directly offer value-based services
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  • A Panel of
    High-Value / High-Quality Providers

    AHN provides CMS quality data for patient’s consideration in selecting healthcare providers
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  • Focus on Steerable

    AHN offers a broad range of services that attract both self-funded entities and providers
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  • The Most Complete
    Bundled Solution

    Unlike traditional networks, AHN offers flat-rate bundled services that allow patients to compare prices on an apples-to-apples basis
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